pcb testing overview

Comprehensive Testing

Designing and manufacturing is only part of the job. Here at Nautech, we also offer comprehensive testing capabilities. Making sure every product that reaches your customers is as reliable, safe, and effective as possible.

Our Testing Services

Product Validation

pcb connections being tested

Our team of engineers are experts in design validation and verification, using external test labs for certification as and when needed.

Test Chambers

outside of a HALT HASS environment chamber

Our range of environmental test chambers including HALT/HASS, recreate extreme temperatures and vibrations. Allowing us to identify and fix any product weaknesses.

Automated Optical Inspection

AOI machine checking solder connections

We have AOI machines on every SMT and selective soldering line, checking every component and solder joint.

X-Ray Inspection

Xray machine checking a pcb

When AOI isn’t practical, we use X-ray inspection with our in-house high-end X-ray machine which enables us to see under components and the inner working of products.

Automated Production Testing

automated circuitry being tested

Our engineers can design and build fully automated test fixtures, tailored to suit your unique product and required volume.

I highly recommend Nautech as a destination for all electronics manufacturing processes.

Kaveh Mazloomi

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