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We are Nautech

With skills and expertise built over 30 years, our clients trust us to deliver the high-quality electronic solutions they need.

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Our Vision

To use the latest technology and Kiwi ingenuity to be a world leader in electronics manufacturing and product engineering

Our Mission

To design and manufacture high-quality products, built on the foundations of innovation, integrity and collaboration with our customers and staff

Our Values


We embrace change, flexibility and innovation


We form long term partnerships and strive for customer success


We deliver exceptional quality and service

Quality Products Quality Service

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We’re proud to bring our clients the opportunity to design and manufacture world-class products, right here in New Zealand.

With an innovative and collaborative approach, we focus on excellent service, reliable delivery, IP protection and competitive pricing. Our engineering support and turn-key service is second to none.

Our History

Since 1989, Nautech has grown from a home based business, to a state-of-the-art facility and a staff of over 70. Here are some of our journey’s biggest highlights.


Recognising the marine industry’s growing need for electronics installation and service, we created Nautech Electronics.


We expanded to vehicle installations – selling, installing and servicing cellphones, car alarms and stereos. Andrew began to design, develop, and manufacture custom electronics on a small scale.


We won the contract to fit out the NZ Police fleet for CHOGM. The contract marked the beginning of a 20-year-long relationship with NZ Police, designing, developing, manufacturing and installing all emergency equipment for the nationwide Police fleet.


Moving out of home into our first commercial premises in East Tamaki, we purchased our first wave solder and SMT pick and place machines.


We expanded our business to Trugood Drive and focused on three major areas: emergency vehicle equipment sales, emergency vehicle installation and contract electronic design and manufacturing.


With rapid growth we made the decision to move into purpose-built premises in Cryers Road.


Nautech was named the winner of the Manufacturing Category and Innovation Category at the Manukau Business Excellence Awards.


Nautech secured the contract to supply emergency equipment to Queensland Police.


Andrew and Alison admitted to the Manukau Business Hall of Fame for Outstanding Business Achievement.


We became NZ Defence Force Industrial & Project Security Certified. Nautech was named as one of “Ten Hot Emerging Companies” in the TIN100+ report.


Due to Government savings, the NZ Police contract wasn’t renewed. We moved away from car installations and focused on the electronic design and manufacturing market, investing heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and automation.


We upgraded our machinery by purchasing UR3 Universal Robots, 3D printers, a PCB X-ray machine and new Juki Pick and Place machines.


A Nitrogen gas generator, to enable self-supply, was installed.


Our HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) chambers were added, enabling us to test products to operational specs and design limits.


The team implemented ASPECT MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to manage and report on production line activity in real time.


Today, we continue to bring our clients the high-quality, world-class electronic solutions they need to succeed.

Meet the Team

Andrew Turner

Managing Director / Owner

Andrew and his wife, Alison, started Nautech back in 1989 – the same year Andrew won the Bronze medal for NZ in Electronics at the World Youth Skill Olympics. In the 32 years since, Andrew has been instrumental in Nautech growing from the spare room of their Howick home, into a world-class electronics manufacturing company.

Today, Andrew oversees finance, admin, and engineering. As an Engineer, he enjoys keeping up with latest technology, and is dedicated to increasing automation and efficiency throughout the business.

Alison Turner

HR Director / Owner

Alison has been part of Nautech since its earliest days, when she and Andrew first started modifying units on their kitchen bench in 1989. Alison spent Nautech’s first 20 years taking care of the financial, HR, and administrative side of the business – even soldering circuit boards while the company first found its feet. She’s now stepped back from Nautech’s day-to-day HR operations, but is still fully involved at a senior management level.

Alison has always had the ability to find the positive in every situation. She sees any challenges and roadblocks as new opportunities to improve. Alison is incredibly proud of the whole Nautech family, and everything they’ve achieved. She looks forward to seeing what they’ll achieve together next.

Laurie Kubiak

Chief Executive Officer

Laurie joined the Nautech team as General Manager in 2021. He makes sure that Nautech’s overall operations are working together efficiently and effectively, and that both our current and future customers love the work we do.

Laurie spent much of his career overseas, with corporate roles in Energy, Telco, IT and Consultancy, before heading back home to New Zealand and joining Nautech. With vast experience in general management and business development, Laurie brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. He loves being part of a team that makes real products for real people, and is proud to be associated with a Kiwi success story like Nautech.

Rob Grimsey

Head of Sales and Business Development

Rob came on board the Nautech team in 2021. As our Head of Sales and Business Development, he’s responsible for making sure the sales team has everything they need to provide our customers with the outstanding service they’ve come to expect.

Rob has been in the electronic manufacturing industry since 1997. With a background in technical, sales and management, he’s worked across a wide range of sectors – including Defence, aviation, telecommunications, and healthcare and consumer electronics.

Here at Nautech, Rob is always on the lookout for new ways to add value to our customers’ businesses, while at the same time providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for our team.

David Bacon

Head of Process and Operations

David has been with Nautech for more than 20 years. He oversees Operations, working to ensure maximum efficiency across all manufacturing processes.

Having held a number of roles at Nautech, David has in-depth knowledge of just about every department. This has given him the ability to see connections between tasks and functions, and identify areas for improvement.

David’s career highlights include traveling to Saudi Arabia to install police equipment in a trial vehicle, and helping develop customer products to commercial reality.

Preston Pillay

Head of Quality

Preston has been with Nautech for 5 years and recently moved to Head of Quality. He ensures all processes and procedures are followed so customers receive products built to the highest quality standards. He is also responsible for investigating root causes of defects and recommending solutions.

Preston studied Electrical Engineering in South Africa, and has over 15 years’ experience in electronic manufacturing. A keen problem-solver and analytical thinker, Preston is a lean manufacturing specialist.

When it comes to working at Nautech, Preston enjoys the access to state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge technology – but his favourite thing of all is the great people he works with.

Alexandra Spence

Head of People and Capability

As Nautech’s Head of People and Capability, Alex is responsible for looking after the team and helping them reach their full potential. She has a knack for creating culture and engagement strategies, and the ability to recruit the best and brightest for the job.

After graduating with a Diploma in Business and Management, Alex worked in Sales and Customer Service Management, before finding her true calling in HR. Alex enjoys being part of a fantastic team of people that create great outcomes for our clients.

Graham Wyllie

Head of ICT

Graham has been in the industry for 30 years, and has spent the last nine of those years at Nautech. He makes sure our computer systems operate efficiently and effectively, and implements and maintains all the company’s computing needs.

Graham started his career as a software developer, before moving into infrastructure contracting and consultancy, then ICT manager roles in the SMB sector. Having project-managed the installation of IT infrastructure for major commercial and retail developments, he’s no stranger to handling large and complex projects. An experienced problem solver, Graham enjoys the fast-paced and dynamic environment here at Nautech.

Rodney Grainger

Engineering Manager

Rodney has worked at Nautech for a decade. After finishing university and a stint in the army, Rodney spent the better part of 30 years working in product development across a wide range of industries.

At Nautech, Rodney is responsible for managing and participating in the R & D team, who design and develop both customer products and Nautech’s own product range. With special expertise in embedded firmware and electronic hardware design, he enjoys the opportunity to see products go from the early design stages, right through to the finished product.

George Chen

Production Manager

George holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic (Honours) from University of Canterbury, and brings a wealth of knowledge to Nautech, with over three decades of experience in the NZ electronics manufacturing industry.

As Production Manager, George leads our day-to-day production operations and workflow. Delivering quality work with an exceptional attention to detail is core to George’s character. Hands-on and proactive, he has particular skill in devising new ideas to solve problems, as well as optimizing existing processes to drive performance.

George appreciates Nautech's strategic focus on business needs, fast-paced nature, and great team culture.

Diane McEwen

Inventory Manager

Diane started at Nautech in January 2022, coming in at a time of huge change and expansion for our Inventory team.

With a background in warehousing and logistics, Diane is passionate about the detail, keeping things well organised, and running an efficient and happy team. She makes sure all our stock is handled and stored according to required standards and ready for Production when needed. Diane takes a positive approach to everything she does and together with her team, provides great service to her customers.

Jay Patel

Production Engineering Manager

Jay has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from AUT and has worked at Nautech for almost 5 years, in a number of different roles.

In his current position, Jay oversees our Production Engineering team looking after machinery and equipment maintenance, the introduction of new products, continuous improvement of processes and increasing automation and efficiency. Jay is a keen problem solver and loves to learn about new technologies. He enjoys working at Nautech for the variety that every day brings along with the great people and culture.

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