From concept development to prototypes, Nautech Electronics offer comprehensive services that ensure a smooth transition from plan to production. All undertaken on site at our Auckland based state-of-the-art New Zealand facility, our extensive manufacturing capabilities include:

  • 3x fully automated SMT production lines
  • 3x GKG fully automatic stencil printers
  • Juki KE-2070L pick and place machine
  • Juki KE-2080L pick and place machine
  • Juki KE-2070L pick and place machine
  • Juki KE-2080L pick and place machine
  • Juki KE-2060R pick and place machine
  • Juki TR5S Matrix tray changer
  • Juki TR5D Matrix tray changer
  • 3 x Saki BF18D-P40 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine
  • 4x Intelligent component storage machines with temp and humidity control

  • 2x Electrovert Bravo4 reflow ovens
  • 1x Electrovert Bravo8 reflow oven
  • Electrovert EPK Gold Nitrogen wave solder machine
  • 2x Innertec Selective Soldering machines
  • Asscon 300 vapour phase soldering machine.
  • Vacuum PCB loaders, conveyors etc.
  • MTA TR-300 soldering robot
  • TMB100-4 Scara glue dispensing robot
  • Automated PCB handling equipment
  • Steridium Eurotherm 3216 – Environmental chamber
  • ACS Challenge CH250 – Environmental chamber
  • Stratasys ‘uPrint SE Plus’ 3D Printer (Material= ABSplus)

Software Packages

Always up to date with the latest releases and features, Nautech Electronics use industry leading CAD and CAM packages:

  • Altium                -              Professional Schematic and PCB design
  • GC CAM Edit      -              Professionally handling of customer designs
  • Solidworks        -              3D design environment for mechanical fixtures and product enclosures
  • Labview             -              Excellent tool for professional test-fixture design



Engineering Support

Project Management