Update - Novel Coronavirus (CoV)

Novel Coronavirus (CoV)

Over the past 72 hours the level of precautions have been elevated to fight the Corona Virus spread globally and within New Zealand. The senior management team at Nautech Electronics have been meeting regularly to assess the risks and to put in place strategies to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and of course supply continuity.

We had previously increased hand sanitizer availability and promoted regular use. We had previously introduced a more vigorous regime of surface, handrail, handle and equipment disinfection and cleaning. The following are additional steps we are now implementing at Nautech Electronics immediately to further reinforce our stand against the virus:

• Limiting visitors to Nautech (both suppliers and customers). Please consider skype, email or phone correspondence where possible.
• No skin to skin contact – we now respectfully request no handshakes or similar
• Any staff with any signs of illness to immediately go home and return only after medical approval
• We are splitting our two shifts (day and night) and having a process to prevent crossover. This will provide additional protection for staff and in the worst case of illness on one shift we would potentially have another shift unaffected.
• Internal staff communication protocol established for 24/7 alerts
• Senior management have access to communicate remotely with customers and suppliers; also online bulletins as required

We again ask our partners to work together with us to provide your forecasts and any forward orders at the earliest possible time. We are working hard to maintain PCB and component supply which is uninterrupted, the more information and guidance we can get from you the less the risk of disruption to our supply to you.

We see the above steps as insurance policies. We all hope and expect that the spread of the virus is quickly contained and any impacts on our population and economy are minimal.

Kind Regards
Greg Coster
Sales and Marketing Manager