NZ tech disrupts air cargo industry

A Kiwi collaboration is turning global aviation logistics on its head, finally giving airlines the ability to track cargo in real time.

A Nelson-based supply chain specialist Core Transport Technologies has developed a Bluetooth real-time air cargo tracking system.

It’s a New Zealand Inc effort, with the tags and readers required for the system manufactured by Auckland’s Nautech Electronics, and Air New Zealand the launch customer.

The industry has been seeking a cost-effective and simple way to wirelessly track cargo for many years.

Major world airlines are now queuing up to adopt the technology.

Two New Zealand companies are at the forefront of a technology that is revolutionising the air cargo industry.

The work of Nelson-based logistics specialist Core Transport Technologies is giving major airlines the ability to wirelessly track shipments in real time. In a Kiwi double-header the tags and readers required for the system are manufactured in Auckland by Nautech Electronics. And to complete the homegrown story, Air New Zealand was the launch customer for the Bluetooth-enabled automation.

US carriers Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines have now taken it up, and Core TT has other clients queuing up for the technology.

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