Have you seen the Alpaca?

Not the woolly creature from South America…...The Alpaca Robot is a pill dispensing machine distributed in NZ and AU by Henderson based Douglas Pharmaceuticals.

This unique machine creates customised ‘Medico Paks’ for patients.  These packs are designed for people to carry their individual daily dose easily in sturdy blister packs. An individual dose may be torn off as required so they can be given to patients by carers or easily carried by the patient.

Found in just about every pharmacy and medical centre in New Zealand and with demand growing in Australia and further afield, Douglas Pharmaceuticals has engaged Nautech Electronics to assist with the customisation of the product and to ensure compliance with local standards.

Every medicine is scanned before it goes into the robot to confirm it is the right one. The on-board computer linked to the robot then allows the pharmacist to transfer the prescription information via the touchscreen monitor and the robot will sort accordingly.