Update - Novel Coronavirus (CoV)

Over the past 72 hours the level of precautions have been elevated to fight the Corona Virus spread globally and within New Zealand. The senior management team at Nautech Electronics have been meeting regularly to assess the risks and to put in place strategies to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and of course supply continuity.

HALT and HAST chamber

As part of our commitment to leading the way in quality and testing, Nautech Electronics is proud to announce the addition of the QualMark Typhoon 2.5 HALT and HAST chamber.

Nautech going MaD

In the New Zealand technology sector the big event for the year is TechWeek

Turning 30

We celebrate another big milestone this year with Nautech being in business for 30 years

Creating the Winning Formula

Well known for our pioneering spirit, New Zealand manufacturing is again creating the winning formula for innovators and industry to choose local businesses ahead of Asia.

NZ tech disrupts air cargo industry

A Kiwi collaboration is turning global aviation logistics on its head, finally giving airlines the ability to track cargo in real time

Intelligent Storage Machines

Two more ISM’s and a robotised conformal coating system complete the years investment at Nautech Electronics

You cannot stop the march of the robots

The latest innovation from Nautch sees a further UR3 robot deployed in conjunction with a cut, strip, tin and crimp line to fully automate the manufacture of various wiring assemblies.

X-ray Inspection System

As part of Nautech Electronics continued commitment to quality, the company has just taken delivery of a Sec X-eye 5100, X- ray inspection system.

Automated Optical Inspection

As part of Nautech Electronics Ltd continuing drive to maintain the highest achievable levels of quality, the installation and commissioning of two fully automated inline Automated Optical Inspection systems (AOI) has just been completed.

Recyclable Packaging

In line with our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and to support our ISO 14001 accreditation, Nautech is continuing its move from away from single use packaging for products in favour of packaging that is re-usable and fully recyclable.

The Robots Are Coming

In line with our ongoing commitment to invest in automation and robotics Nautech has just completed the installation of the first one, of two robotic work stations.

Nautech at Hampton Downs

TV screened at the first Hampton Downs 101 event.

Selective Soldering

The first of two selective soldering machines is now installed and operational.

Have you seen the Alpaca?

Not the woolly creature from South America…...The Alpaca Robot is a pill dispensing machine distributed in NZ and AU by Henderson based Douglas Pharmaceuticals

New Micro Bar

A new micro bar completes the line-up in the family of the recently re-vamped range of Spectra Light bars, designed and built for the emergency services, transport and utility industries